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Area Riservata

Through magellanOStudio you can program the PLC family μUno through all 5 programming languages defined in EN/IEC61131-3 : textual languages , IL ( Instruction List ) and ST ( Structured Text ) , graphical languages , LD ( Ladder Diagram ) and FBD ( function block diagram) to the use of SFC ( sequential flow diagram ), there are also available the tools to debug the program and do all that is necessary to complete the work of setting up the system.

Since 1st February 2015, the suite magellanOStudio, at its new version, will be freely asked for download. With the same spirit of LogicLab (from which comes) , even magellanOStudio is free and available to all users , which may allow you to start working on it , making his first experiences before buying PLC installation and set up point of the program. 

If you have already had the opportunity to work with LogicLab , the same way you work with magellanOStudio . The latter, in fact differs only by a small graphic customization and libraries dedicated hardware ( PLCs) Cir.Mi.

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