About us


The Cir.Mi. born in 1987 in Turin , by the will of the shareholders of SELET SENSOR Ltd. , a manufacturer of sensors for automation with the brand selectively since 1973 , to expand the range of products and families of products offered for industrial automation .


The need for different manufacturing processes and different control equipment and test , necessitate the development of processing at another entity that is not taken from the production of sensors : then comes the Cir.Mi. that begins to develop rotary encoders, incremental then absolute first and then develop different families of instruments from the panel: impulse counters, timers, thermometers and finally viewers and industrial temperature controllers for SELET SENSOR .


Since 2006, the Cir.Mi. , again by the will of its members, has started marketing its products direct to a custom product market . Gradually , products such as relay interfaces , indoor painting, are produced and sold for then offer electronic interfaces : interface for reading the temperature , weight, multifunction , splitters or quadriplicatori signal encoders , panel meters ( counters) with menus and recipes according to the customer's needs , counters with customer-defined cycles , ending in 2012 with the investment on the PLC family μUno , the first of a roadmap is already defined.


The Cir.Mi. is also open to the creation of new products for customers, from design to prototyping to series production , according to their specifications and manufacturing products under their brands.


In 2012, the Cir.Mi. participated with a joint stand with the Selector , the SPS of Parma and in November 2012, once again in conjunction with the Selector , we exhibited at the SPS / IPC / Drives in Nuremberg .

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