The analog module PMI3A8 is basically a multi programmable module of configurable analog inputs , a unit of data transformation then made available for remote reading.


In fact, this analog module can read up to 8 analog inputs, which can be individually and then, independently, programmed as temperature inputs ( RTD or thermocouple ) or voltage/current inputs.


On board of this interface , there are two serial ModBus RTU connections: one is used to introduce the unit in a network, the second is for supervision purpose, e.g: connection to a SCADA software or other type of monitor software.

The interface publics some registers that allow you to configure the analog data, transforming it and even managing it with minimum and maximum limits so that the PLC avoid to make mathematical functions.

The available variables are for:

  • Thermocouples
  • Thermoresistance
  • DC voltage
  • DC current

More modules connected to the same network, can be easily configured in battery, wiring already done so, no need to configure them aside.

Please refer to specific data sheet for all input scales. 

download PMI3AM8 datasheet

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