New series PLC μUno ( micro one) with inputs and outputs , analog inputs and bi-directional encoder inputs .
Expandable up to 120 + 120 I / O.


The model PLIV108S08P family μUno provides basic unit of the PLC that follow a similar format , ie 4 analog inputs 12-bit , 2 -speed inputs or programmable bidirectional encoder counting direction + or as additional digital inputs and finally a basic configuration of digital inputs and outputs .
The model PL1V08S08P ... constitute the basic module with 8 inputs and 8 digital outputs.
The PLC series μUno are indoor and offer the framework for coupling bar / DIN Rail - Ω , the LEDs display the status of the inputs and outputs are positioned to make the most in terms of brightness and easily distinguishable.




List of main features:


  • CPU 8 inputs + 8 digital outputs
  • Expandability of 14 modules of 8 inputs + 8 outputs ( up to 120 inputs + 120 outputs with μExp )
  • 2 fast inputs for bi-directional encoder
  • 4 analog inputs 12-bit resolution
  • micro operating system magOs
  • RS232 serial connection for programming
  • Modbus master / slave for remote connections
  • Mounting inside the panel with Din rail mounting - Ω
  • Removable terminal blocks for easy wiring


All CPUs are programmable through the suite of programming and debugging magellanOStudio , our suite of programming derived from the LogicLab Axel ( ) , a guarantee for the IEC61131-3 compliant programming , through all 5 programming languages defined by the standard .


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