magellanOStudio: programming suite IEC61131-3

magellanOStudio: suite of programming dedicated to the world of automation , providing all 5 programming languages defined by the standard EN/IEC61131-3 .

In collaboration with Axel Software ( ) , developer and owner of the development tools LogicLab, dedicated to automation and fully compatible with the EN/IEC61131-3 , the relevant legislation in the field of programming languages for the ' automation , Cir.Mi. has built its own version called magellanOStudio.

Through magellanOStudio you can program the PLC family μUno through all 5 programming languages defined in EN/IEC61131-3 .

We have two textual:


  • IL ( instruction list / instruction list ) , low-level language , practical to work with the bits ( digital inputs / outputs , bit memory ) to create logical networks ; nevertheless have access to functions or function blocks made with other languages ;
  • ST ( structured text / structured text) , high-level language , very suitable to the manipulation of data and strings , where the reference to mathematical functions is much more immediate and easy to interpret ;

We then three graphical languages :


  • LD ( ladder diagram / ladder diagram ) , low-level language , suitable for making logical networks , makes it easier to understand the networks , due to its look and feel ;
  • FBD ( Function Block Diagram / function block diagram ) , the language of a higher level than the last, almost gives the possibility to draw freehand , without having to follow the lines of power . You can work with functions , function blocks , with inputs and outputs , even if the math is more suited to a high-level textual language ;
  • SFC ( sequential flowchart / sequential flow-chart ) , high-level language , defines the sequences , the transitions from one sequence to another , but each sequence will have to be implemented at a lower level with programs written in other languages.

Let us therefore available at a free download , the suite magellaOStudio, installation , testing, and to allow you to play on it , beginning to experience with our environment .

MagellanOStudio is in its first stable release, based on the LogicLab . And ' configured to work with the PLC family μUno , in its two models currently available :


  • PLI1V16S16P_ -L (base 16 +16)
  • PLI1V08S08P_ -L (base 8 +8)

Such models are in lite version , non-expandable .


Ask for magellanOStudio at our Automation Department

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